[CFC] Adapt the Darwin OP gripper for XL 320 motors (a hand for Poppy Ergo Jr / Poppyrate / Heol / Darwin Mini)


I’m working on my new project -put a Raspberry Pi on the Darwin Mini- and I’m looking for a hand.

I’ve found the Robotis - FR07-G101GM Gripper Set (for DARwIn-OP and MX-28, RX-24F/28), sold 100£ in metal and available in 3D printable format, looks like this:

This picture come from this article related to the customization of the Darwin OP hands, that could be used for Poppy Humanoid directly.

This hand is simple, and composed of 3D parts that just could fit the Dynamixel XL 320 motor.

Once again, I’ve no notion of FreeCAD or Solidworks and this task seems pretty impossible to me, even if it’s “only” resizing existing parts and adapt holes for XL 320 :frowning:

This project could be interesting for Poppy Ergo Jr, Poppyrate, Poppyseed, Heol and more.