[CFC] Poppy humanoid mini powered by XL-320 motors

Hi everyone,

in the Roadmap of the project the Poppy humanoid mini get my attention for a “cheap” and complete Humanoid platform. If anyone is interrested by this robot we can work into but, actually we haven’t any prototype (0% of the development) i’m in search for some designers for modelize or draw a skeleton similar of the actual Poppy compatible with XL-320 Robotis Motors.

if we take the actual skeleton, minimize it and just modify the motors housing, it seems to work doesn’t it ?

Thank you in advance for your replies :smile:


If you just scale parts, it will reduce the wall thickness leading to part more difficult to print and too fragile.

If I find 10 min, I will try to modify the current Solidworks parts (no-scaling) with similar dimensions as should be a Poppy Humanoid mini.

Maybe a design from scratch would be easier, to do so, @jgrizou has built a OpenSCAD library to create part for XL320. The ErgoJr is done with that techno for example.

I think the same about it …
I work actually on a prototype like the Darwin mini (with some upgrades of course) with that tech. An humanoid like this is perfectly buildable with @jgrizou 's parts.
But I doesn’t want to lost the actual bio-inspired Poppy design, it will be awesome to do it with the same (or look like) Poppy design, that’s the challenge.

Waiting to see your work :grinning:

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I just tested and changing from MX28 to XL320 is not direct.

I think you can keep the very first features of each part i.e. the main sketches but a lot of features will break with such size changement. It will take more time to repair them than redo them.

So if you want the same design on very Poppy Humanoid mini/junior, you can modify the 5/10 firsts features and rebuild the others.

Maybe a next step could be to determine the overall size of the robot and the number of degree of freedom per member ?

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(Sorry in advance for the reply time)

I’m working into the kinematics of the robot and translating ADC datas from gyro sensor (GS-12) to linear data to a good stabilisation but, it was harder than i expected …
After that, I’m gonna work on the design and extra DOF.

I’ll consider the size/break factor for the parts, for the first prototype, basic OLLO parts will do the job. Thank you for the information @Matthieu !

The project goes slowly (I’m a student) but surely.
I’ll keep you informed asap !

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standard servo to mx-64.stl (538.1 KB) this may work for you. I may have to adjust the file as I think the servo you’re using is a little wider. Let me know and I’ll make the mods. It works great with standard hobby servos.