Using tags for multilingual support on this forum

We updated this forum with the official tagging plugin from discourse.

We suggest to use them to better handle multilingual discussions. So please before posting a new topics, specify which language is used (multiple is possible).

Then you can filter topics by language using the new header shortcuts:

If you want to speak in another language than english/french, it is possible, just tell us here and we will add the associated tag and flag in the header :wink:

Hey, it is not possible to get it on the Danish and where do I find files to?
I suppose that like to do it but I can not very good at English so show it only on Danish well I be happy

which is used google translate to the

Sorry but we do not have option to translate any post into another langage.

Maybe you can use google translate ?

Hello everybody. My mother tongue is Spanish, so if one day you need a translation or you want to add the Spanish flag I could collaborate. :wink:


It could be interesting to use english as default, because I don’t think people will think to use it (it’s boring and number of tags is limited).