Showing categories instead of topics list

Hi folks!

You may have noticed we changed default display for forum landing page.

The default setting provided by the forum engine – Discourse – shows the most recent topics. This is fine for people who know every aspect of the project.

Yet, new users can find this display rather odd for a forum. Some of them may even find it difficult to know where to start, and sometimes they can just quit.

One of our goals is to make using the robots as easy as possible, from teachers to students to geeks. To achieve that, we need everyone to find an easy way to join the community and contribute to it.

This is why we decided to set categories display as the new default.

How do you feel about these changes? Please share your thoughts about these changes, may it be positive or not :wink:

I understand why you did so, but when I want to read all the unread posts, it’s not very convenients because I can’t get back to the latest in one click when I’m reading a post. Is it possible to have the different links (categories, latest, unread…) displayed while reading a post ?

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Yes, we can

A famous guy

This feature is present under the burger button located in the top bar:

Still two clicks away :tada:

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You have also the latest link on the top bar. Accessible with one click

I don’t have this while reading a post…