[CFC] Need help for the french translation of the Poppy documentation

Hi dear Poppy community !

Today, we are happy to announce that we configured a professional platform to manage the translation of the documentation: crowdin.
Everybody can join the translation process, you just have to sign up and join the “Poppy documentation” project.

We were chilly to start the french translation of the Poppy documentation because we didn’t have a proper tool to manage the continuous synchronization between the english version and the french (or other language) version.
An awesome contributor, started the french version for an event months ago, but lot of parts were missing and it was hard to maintain to the english version (his translation is still the online french version).

In the last two days we translated 15% of the documentation on crowdin, but we think that with your help it could faster and even well written !

After your log in on crowdin and join the “Poppy documentation” project, you will have an interface with all files to translate:

The idea is to separate the translation by sentence, so if a sentence is updated in the reference (english) version, only the corresponding one will have to be updated.

An automatic translation is proposed which is most of the time badly written, but it is convenient to adapt it to be faster in the translation process.

The crowdin platform is really well made for community translation. A same sentence can be translated multiple time if you find that a previous sentence is not correct, and users can comment and vote for a translation.

After that a proofreader will accept a translation and it will be synchronize to the online translation. As everything need to be reviewed by a proofreader before beeing used, don’t be chilly, you could participate even if your english and french are not perfect.

Now we have a great too to manage the different languages, if you would like to start the translation in a new language you are welcome ! Send us an email or answer to this post, we could set this up on crowdin.