[CFC] Poppy Humanoid assembly guide multilingual translations

Call for contributions:

Is there someone or some people who could translate the current documentation we made into several languages ?

As first thought, I think the best way to handle the multilingual documentation in the git repository is to move all current english markdown files from /doc/... to /doc/en/... and create alternative version in /doc/fr/ for french files, in /doc/es/ for spanish ones and so on following the international 2 letters convention.

Contributions guidelines

Fork each repository, add you contribution in your repository and then create a pull request for merging your change into the poppy project master branch.

Be aware we use multiple git repositories in Poppy Humanoid (arms, legs, trunk,…) , each has its specific documentation so you will have to fork each module you want to work on.

Any contributions will be greatly appreciated !

i will translate it to dutch . ^^


I can participate to the French version but I am worried that others already do the job. Do you have a collaborative workspace like the Google Drive?

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I do not think someone already did it in french so you are welcome :smile:

We do not have a collaborative workspace but do not worry, Git will do the job for you so even if someone has also created a french version, it will be merged and authorship will be kept.

Thanks @exlineo for the pull requests, you are now an official Poppy contributors :slight_smile: https://github.com/poppy-project/Robotis-library/graphs/contributors

Hi there,
I can help for the Turkish translation, and contribute to edit the English versions. Please let me know for further steps.


Hi @ostragots, thank you for your help.
We are writing a general documentation so it could be interesting to translate it in many language (so Turkish is a good start).

Please feel free to contribute over pull request directly in our documentation repository :