The Data sheet of the humanoid poppy 1.0 robot

I am looking for THE data sheet of the humanoid robot POPPY 1.0. We want to buy the robot for the laboratory, someone can give me the link where I can download it?

Hi !

There’s too much things to have a single datasheet for Poppy.

Have a look at Getting started with Poppy Project to get started (you will also find the list of all components, the BOM), at for some doc and at to buy at kit !

What do you intend to do with Poppy ?

we want to buy a complet kit of humanoid robot poppy. We must to have the complet datasheet of the robot in PDF format.

Would this fit you ?

It contains a description of the Poppy project, the Poppy Humanoid bill of material, the assembly guide and the software quickstart.

I work for Generation Robots, the Poppy distributor. If you need a quotation, send me a private message.