How to build Poppy?

Hello all, I want to build a version of Poppy for myself as I am a robotics
hobbyist. But, as a layman, it would be a significant investment for me (both time and cost-wise). I just want to make sure that for the current build instructions, everything is in proper order so that my investment is properly utilized/not wasted due to any errors in such instructions. If not, when do you think the full and correct instructions for
Poppy 1.0 become available? Could I start using the hardware and software repositories currently available online to start building the Poppy robot or are the instructions currently incomplete? Also, which software should I use to open the hardware/electronics
design files? Could I use Replicator 2 to print all the 3D parts and are there any tutorials available online to show how to build it from scratch?

The last version available on the github repository is a old one, so please wait for the new release before beginning your work.

Yet the cost of the Poppy humanoid with MX motors seems to me, way too expensive to be invested by an individual. I would advice to make this project within a fablab which could handle (at least a part of) the cost.
Also we hope to create a cheaper version with AX motors, whose cost will be maybe more adapted to hobbyist:

The assembly instructions are under progress and will be distribute with the new release:

If you want to start right now, you can use the simulator:


Thanks very much @Matthieu!

Hi @Matthieu,

Will the assembly instructions be simple enough for novices to understand, or would they be very technical, requiring prior knowledge of the functionality of Poppy’s electronics’ and mechanical parts? Also, would a simple user guide/operating manual be included as well? Let me know if I can help in any way.

I almost finished filming the assembly of Poppy Humanoid and I will make the first cut.
Then I will release all video files under Creative Common BY license so anyone can be free to remix/improve the assembly instruction.

I think it will be very accessible and simple enough for novices.

@Matthieu Good to hear that, thanks!