How can i get basic data about poppy?

hi dear friends
i am a mechanical engineering student and i am so interested in poppy , how can i get basic data like how it design ?
or, instruction book?,or some article or books that help me more about understanding what exactly it do ?
i want to use it as a base for self learning human kind (i had design several electromechanical devices and i am familiar with electro mechanic ,micro controllers,microprocessors )

is there any way i can reach my answer? , how can i be in developer team?( i think it would help me so much, where should i send my cv ? )

Do not worry you are at the best place to find material and contribute to the Poppy project :slight_smile:

I did not really understand what specific data you want but all materials we have (e.g. original CAD/STL files, control library) are available here:

If you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask us.

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thank you but i want some thing like a book that explain all of the feature of this robot ?for the example angle’s of the body of the robot at each part of the one step or running or if it is not possible explain me how can i calculate some kind of information like this or about sensors i want to know what exactly they do

A book ? you mean my Phd thesis 200 pages dedicated to the poppy project ? It will be “soon” available :wink:

Otherwise sorry, we did not spend the time to write a whole documentation for the beta version of Poppy because we are working on a new release with many changes. Either be patient until we release the new version or you can use the CAD to extract data you want.

Yet if you want something precise we can find it, but a whole book is to much work for us at this time.

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I hope so and i’m so glad for you this is realy great if it s your phd thesis
i would do as you said i will obtain my data from some book that i get and using your great work as a great sample thanks

BTW, I added several raw blueprints here:

if it can help you in the meantime…