Hi,everyone! I am very interested in Poppy!

Hello! I am Nick Li, from Beijing China。 When I browse information about humanoid robot,I found a video about Poppy,and know there is a lovely creature in the world. I am learning the knowledge of robot, planning to make out humanoid robot kid. I am learning Solidworks ,C language,C51,and so on.
Because I am just a beginner, I am working on making out the humanoid robot hand in the computor, It is long way to go.
I know Poppy is open source, could I have more informations of Poppy or work with you on Poppy?
My email: liji3212001@yahoo.com

Hi @Nickli, welcome to the Poppy comunity.
You can find all sources of our robot on github. If you want to help us, you are welcome! We have special topic starting with [CFC] (call for contribution) for you.

Hi Nicolas:
Thanks for your fast reply!
If you need any help ,don’t hesitate to contact me. I am glad do something usefull to Poppy.

We need help, all topics starting with [CFC] is a call for contibution. Here is the list of our call for contribution.

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