Release of Poppy Humanoid 1.0 Price and Date?

Oh it seems I have exported the STL with “meter” as unit, normaly it is either mm or inch so you may experience trouble…
I just spent 30 min wondering why meshmixer didn’t display the meshes …

I will re-export them ASAP.

Aaaaah! No problem with having a giant Poppy :wink:

It seems that the conversion was well done comparing two pieces. Any risk of rounding ?

Actually you will have a tiny Poppy because unit can be interpreted as millimeter.

No-risk for the shape.

For the chest, I have the following dimensions on Sculpteo :156.8 × 94.4 × 99.5 mm which seems to me good. Is it OK ?

Are you going to order all the parts on Sculpteo ?
and what is like the price ? i’m looking for a 3D printer to start on printing a poppy .
But if i could use something like sculpteo , it would save me the price of the printer .
On the other hand again if a kit pops up one of these days i would wait for that .

Witch unit have the STL ?

it is currently in meter

Problem solved, the release has been updated. Here the direct link to the 3D printed parts in STL format.

Bonus: a tuto and a script to export the 3D printed parts to STL from the Solidworks model:

To come back to the initial topic of @Sync_Midi, we juste received the last version of the 3D printed parts:



Tomorrow a guy from our lab will assemble it, we will check if everything is OK the final release will be official and a distributor will start to sell the complete pack !


In the Poppy 1.0 BOM list we can see that a sound system is featured (speaker + amplifier).
Can we use it directly plugged to the Odroid board ?

Yep but there are some soldering to do by hand …

oee baby , the black version looks super sweet . i will hold on printing the parts and just wait until the kit is available . thx Matthieu for the update

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What is the material made out of? To me it looks sort of like a smooth type of plastic that you would feel on a new electronic device.

These parts are printed with SLS (selective laser sintering) technology.

there is a problem with the STL 1.0 Release in Head/Speaker Left and Right, they are too big once dowloaded into Sculpteo site ?

Did you use STL from this release ?

Yes, Sculpteo show an object with : 132x525x395 mm !?

It is weird indeed, I will check that ASAP

Thanks! And would a printrbot simple metal still be able to print the 3d models of poppy 1.0 proportionately?

New release: Release Final 1.0 hardware release · poppy-project/poppy-humanoid · GitHub

This is the official 1.0 version of Poppy Humanoid. The design should not change for a while.

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