Poppy humanoid v1.0.1 available in Onshape

Hi everyone,
Poppy humanoid v1.0.1 is now available on Onshape, the 3D cloud-based modeling software for mechanical engineering.
Onshape is now in Beta version, but if you want, you could already create your account to use it for free with 5GB of data storage.
All files of Poppy humanoid to use with, are on Onshape website. They are set to “Public”, so you can find them just by typing the keyword “Poppy” in Onshape’s search engine.
Parts of Poppy are not yet assembled, but this will be done soon.
Direct link to the document on Onshape :

Bonjour à tous,
Poppy humanoid v1.0.1 est disponible sur la plateforme de modélisation 3D Onshape sur le cloud. Onshape est en version Beta, mais il est possible de s’y inscrire gratuitement avec 5Go de données personnelles (les fichiers 3D Solidworks ont été convertis au format d’Onshape). Le document Onshape est “Public”. On le trouve en faisant une recherche de document Onshape avec le mot clé “Poppy”. Je n’ai pas encore assemblé les parties du robot, ce qui sera fait bientôt.
Lien direct du document sur Onshape :


Beau boulot ! Ça va débloquer beaucoup de choses !

Merci Thot. Je vais commencer à rajouter les moteurs ce soir pour le model complet, en me basant sur les vidéos de Mathieu.

Yesterday I have received an e-mail from Onshape telling me that they are going to change the terms of the Free Plan.
As the situation is unclear today, about Onshape (economical strategy), I’ll wait the new terms to know if I’ll continue to use Onshape. I hope not to lose Onshape data of Poppy if they reduce dramatically the free data storage !

Normally it should remain free for public design

Rumors say that they’ll shrink the Free data storage to 100 MB. This is not enough for Poppy project.

Rumors say that they’ll shrink the Free data storage to 100 MB. This is not
enough for Poppy project.

I have been contacted by the staff about this change. I shared my opinion and they told me it was only for private documents.

@Frederic Would there be any chances to get any changeable models - including the whole workflow (sketches, dimensions, etc.)? For instance I have been printing some parts (hands and forearms for the time being) on my 3D printer and realised that a design that removes all the holes in the parts (I know that is done for saving weight) helps a lot with home printing and also results in more sturdy parts. For instance the hands without the holes will be way stronger and the forearms (and thighs) without the holes would be easier to print on a home 3D printer as they could be printed upright without support - saving time and material.

If I copy to the parts to my own workspace in OnShape I only get an “Import 1” solid that is pretty nasty to change. Do you have any advice about how I could change the parts - for instance how to create the hands without the holes?

Poppy has been designed using Solidworks 2013, @Frederic imported it into Onshape but it is not possible to edit it. You can only add new feature.

So if you want to modify the source you have to use Solidworks.

Thanks for the link! I see: “5.00 GB Total storage”, but “100 MB Private storage”. What does it mean?

If you click on “My Documents” it will show you all the documents you have been created or copied (cloned) in your workspace. If the file has a globe icon on the left to the name it means the document is public and will not count against your private storage space. If it doesn’t it will count against that quota. All the files count against the 5GB overall quota.

Also documents that are in the trash still count against your quota. You need to actually delete them one by one from the trash to reclaim the space.