New robot - So-Arm project


I’m pleased to introduce you to this new robot designed for the ongoing So-Arm project. This project was created in Lyon 2 University in order to simulate the operations of an assembly line. One of the aims of this project was to work with robots based on Poppy architecture which could interact with a line operator to assemble different parts of a product.

Therefore we started to work with the Poppy Ergo Jr robot which is cheap and quick to build. However we
needed a robot working with more powerful motors. Thus we picked up Dynamixel MX-28 motors to design the new robot.

Here you can see what this robot looks like:

Several different tools can also be added to this robot to fulfill different tasks:

The CAD data of this design is now available on the GitHub platform :


Cool project!

Actually the Ergo Jr was a derivative from the Ergo project realised for an art exhibition where we used MX-28 motors. So you kind of close the loop :wink:

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