Poppy Ergo-Jr assembling video

Hey! I’ve just finished this video, hope you’ll like it! (watch all the video :smiley: )
I maked it to share Poppy Project to my classmates.
Tell me if there is something to improve, i’m open.
Guillaume Delille


Great video, congrats Guillaume !

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Waou ! Awesome Job Guillaume! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I am sure your presentation to share with your classmates would be great! Keep us up-to-date!

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We love it! We’d love to use it on the Poppy Ergo Jr product page! You’ll be credited of course! :slight_smile:

Here is the page:

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Hey thanks!:smile:
And thank you again for being at the event: “Codez la science avec Raspberry Pi”

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Thank you very much!
You can of course use it on the Poppy Ergo Jr product page! That’s nice! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Grat news! We’ll do it right away, thank you again! :slight_smile: