Why did the project not continue to be updated

For beginners, this project is a good choice, but I see that GitHub and Twitter have rarely updated relevant content, and I am looking forward to receiving a reply

The project is likely to be left as is forever. If you want an official update about this, the team can be contacted here: Poppy Project - Contact but I am unsure that your message will actually reach somebody.

In any case everything remains opensource, the community itself can self-organise on another forked Github repository. If you want to contribute with chinese translations feel free to do it and share the links of your translated image on social media.

Sorry for the long delay, I work in Poppy Station team (technical part).
For the moment, Poppy Station work on a new project with the “Ligue de l’enseignement de Gironde” and INRIA called UCIA (see GitHub - poppy-project/ucia).
There is no plan to work on the poppy robot but I can work to merge pull request when I have free time (only when I am volunteer).
So feel free to contribute on chinese translations and i will merge it.