Walking in Poppy robot

Hello everyone,

We are trying to implement walking on the modified Poppy robot we built at IIIT Hyderabad. I wanted to know if anyone has implemented walking on the robot.
Also, any idea on the how to implement the controller for it. We are done with the forward kinematics, inverse kinematics and ZMP sensor integration on the robot.

Can anyone please site any publications by Flowers labs or any other lab on the same topic? I couldn’t find one.


I think this is a topic for @Matthieu :slight_smile:

Hi @parijat10,

Currently there is no autonomous walking gate implemented and I am not aware of ongoing efforts in that direction. There is a few discussion on the forum that might help:

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Good day Everyone,

Have just come across the Poppy project and my main question is, has Poppy been designed so that it can walk in its own?

Even if it currently can’t because it lacks the programming, did anyone take this into consideration in its initial design (e.g. the weight of the robot, strength of motors, limb length/design, etc…).

I’ve been through the Poppy forums, all the images and videos I can find, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has successfully made the robot walk on it’s own (without assistance).

I’m guessing it isn’t capable, but if anyone could confirm I would appreciate it.

Thank you