Amazing if Poppy can walk like human like this robot

This robot from Tsinghua University walks like a human. It looks like it is about the size of the Darwin OP. Its frame design is not too different from Poppy so maybe the team can study the method and make Poppy walk?

Video of the robot stepper 3d walking:

I think I found the academic paper describing the robots construciton but I am not qualified to analyze it. I posted here hoping someone more qualified would study it. I think if you are from INRIA you can download the whole article.

btw they have an older version of this robot was walking already in 2008.
Video of stepper senior:

Another video of stepper senior:



thanks for the link. The speed is really fast and the walk very dynamic.
I notice they have a 2 DOF ankle and large feet.
I also notice the feet are always horizontal, they do not use ankle to walk.

Indeed, the result is very impressive.

They also use only one joint for the ankle but not in the same direction as the one in Poppy Humanoid. They rather have bigger foot to ensure the sagittal balance. Also they have big power for the knee joint, 2 motors on the little robot and 4(!) on the taller.

Thanks @edil for this news

By the way, here is the whole paper for whose interested:
Hardware design and gait generation of humanoid soccer robot Stepper-3D.pdf (974.3 KB)

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Another book to read :wink:

They also use tennis-table rubber below the feet to avoid sliding which is a very good idea !!

Thanks @Matthieu for the complete article.

I noticed that too @Thot. Except for that, I was excited when I first saw the video because somehow the way it walks reminded me of Dr. Guero’s Kondo robot so maybe they were doing something similar.

Thank you Matthieu for the article, quite interesting to read.

Thunderbolt is another amazing robot in terms of dynamic gait - you can read an article and watch a video here:

It’s interesting that they are printing robots. Open source printed humanoid robots Maybe something for Printer Chat?