[solved] Ipython notebook / Initialisation of the poppy creature not working

Dear all,
I am using V1.1 of poppy, and I started to use the ipython note book. I am using the following code:

Any idea ?

You’re missing the poppy-creature library. You can get it from pip or github.

Didn’t you install your system from poppy_install ?

yes I did install the system from poppy_install :frowning:

can you do a “pip show poppy-creature” ?

nothing … I get nothing back :frowning:

oh, but that’s probably normal as poppy_install uses github… Let me have a look (even if my Poppy got kidnapped today…)

Well; let install it:

go in /dev
do you have a poppy-creature folder ?
if no: git clone https://github.com/poppy-project/poppy-creature.git

cd poppy-creature/software
python setup.py build (not sure if needed)
python setup.py install

then installation test:

import poppy.creatures

poppy_install probably failed to install pypot because of the add of scipy, this is now corrected on the repository.

Try this on the shell of the odroid

sudo apt-get install libblas3gf libc6 libgcc1 libgfortran3 liblapack3gf libstdc++6 build-essential gfortran python-all-dev libatlas-base-dev

pip install poppy-humanoid -U

I followed @Theo instructions, and now the notebook program works.
I have now other issues (some python error codes about the id of the motors… from time to time). On this “issue” I will come back to you in another thread, I guess…

By the way, in the installation log, I could not find any error message (I searched for the word ‘pypot’… I found a section about it, no errors… )

Again, thx for your help !

@ribas Feel free to pull request poppy_install to have install logs !

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I have a question, you install a jupyter notebook inside the poppy and open the notebook in the terminal of poppy?

@Ziqi Jupyter Notebook is already installed on the Poppy.

Connect your Poppy to an RJ45 cable to your computer. From your computer open URL http://poppy.local in Firefox. If it does not load successfully, check that “Bonjour for WIndows” is installed and retry.

Then click on Programming and Jupyter / Python.

olalalala, I will try this, thank you very much

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