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In the Poppy Project, we are huge fans of IPython Notebooks both for development and for documentation. Most of our tests, benchs, experiments, and even debugs are now done using notebooks. Thus, we have decided to smoothly move towards notebooks for the software documentation.

We strongly believe that they have an amazing potential:

  • for writing pedalogical contents - by mixing code, explanation, results in an integrated form
  • for easily sharing - they can be easily review online and then run locally
  • they can also be run remotely on the robot and thus no installation at all is required on the client side, you just need a web browser

We already have written a few tutorial notebooks describing:

You can find an explanation on how to use Notebooks here.

To install the software tools on your machine, we strongly recommend using Anaconda the scientific python distributions. It comes with all poppy dependencies pre-compiled and works great on Windows, Mac, Linux! We advise you to use the 2.7 version.

CFC: Notebooks on other topics are welcomed!

We would love to see other notebooks with:

  • pedagogical content
  • experiments
  • funny behaviours