Poppy with articulated wrists

Hi !

I had a group project this year, which involved Poppy and some movement detection/replication. We needed to have wrist articulation on our Poppy so, with the help of researchers and teachers, we ended up with a complete poppy library (strongly based on poppy-humanoid), a real Poppy robot with its articulated wrists, a V-Rep scene featuring this model, etc.

We thought that it could be a good idea to share it with the poppy-project.
We could discuss how far you guys want to deploy our feature : maybe only the library, or going further with adding this “poppy-wrist” as a base feature in pypot.creatures. We could also think of distributing the complete guide for building this Poppy (motors reference, .stl printable pieces, etc.)

Here’s the library : it’s not already fine for sharing, as I wanted to check up everything with you, including the fact that some .stl pieces have been developped by our school’s researchers and they wanted to be cited in the library.

Feel free to contact me on this topic, or by e-mail : hugo.kermabon-bobinnec@imt-atlantique.net

I can only post 3 links so I invite you to see our work here

So, could we talk about integrating this into the officiel pypot and poppy’s library sources ?