Poppy motor Analysis for a specific postures


I just wanted to drop by and say hello!

I will be undertaking a research project for my M1 at Ecole des Arts et Metiers Paris Centre. I am fairly new to the world of robotics, but really passionate about learning.

My research project (3/4 months) will concentrate on trying to familiarise myself with Poppy Humanoid. More specifically I will try and get him to go from an initial position (lying on his back) to a defined posture (randomly selected one) . I will also attempt to do a little motor analysis about the performences of the motors as they are being operated. (torque evolution, present voltage ) to asses the power needed to achieve a posture.

I will let you know about my experience and if I encounter any problems.

Kind Regards,
Alaa El Boudali

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Hi @aelboudali,

Welcome to the Poppy family!
Your research project sounds really good, thanks to share it with us.
Friday, and Saturday there is a really big poppy event around France. In Paris it will be at la cité des sciences you could meet some other members of our great family…

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Hi @Nicolas

Thank you, the pleasure is all mine. That is wonderful. I am looking forward to meeting some of the members this weekend :smile:


I am currently trying to do a little trick with Poppy. I’ve managed to make him go to a mechanically stable posture (beach-tanning posture), where all the motors are compliant.

I am trying to write a little piece of commands where if he were to lose balance (arms slip or something), Poppy would immediately be set to being non-compliant to allow the motors to go back to the previous posture position and then become compliant again. I can’t really get my head around the algorithm to do this.

I was just wondering if anyone would know how I could approach this.

Many Thanks in advance :smile: