Licence CC-BY or CC-BY-SA?


I’m going to use Ergo Jr model to make a digital twin of a robotic arm under the UPBGE platform.

What is the licence about CAD files ?

Indeed the licence is not the same between the documentation and the git repository :

Hi @phroy,

Thanks for pointing this!

The CAD files are CC-BY-SA for sure.

But I think that you mean that there is a discrepancy between the repository of the documentation here (CC-BY-SA) and the comment on documentation itself here (CC-BY), right? (and this has nothing to do with the CAD files).

Let’s rewind the history: The documentation was released under GPL with a LICENSE file Thu Sep 3 2015 then deleted in Tue Feb 16 20:58:17 2016 for a replacement by CC-BY in this commit.

In general all Poppy documentation is CC-BY-SA, software is GPL, and CAD/EDA are CC-BY-SA.

For this specific case, given the fact that…

  • The previous license (GPL) before this commit is contaminating
  • The Ergo Jr printed booklets (Original in FR and translated in EN) made from that doc are CC-BY-SA
  • A similar license shift from GPL was made here for the Pixl and ended to CC-BY-SA

… then I suspect the conversion to CC-BY to be a human error and must be considered CC-BY-SA 4.0.

As a consequence, I update the doc now!

Thanks for your answer.
When ready, I will tell more about my project (digital twin under UPBGE).
The source repositeries are here :

Yes please do, it looks awesome! And digital twins are a hot topic!

If you want to share videos, you can also post them on Twitter and quote @poppy_project, we’ll forward them (and/or @poppyEducation / @poppyStation for tweets in French). I’m stepping down from Poppy but new people should appear soon to promote such community projects!