CAD files in an open format

Hello Poppy Project!

Would it be possible for you to save your CAD files in an open format in addition to the SLDPRT Solidworks format, so that people without access to SolidWorks can use them?



Yep it is possible, do you have a specific open-format in mind ?

Thanks for the reply, Matthieu!

I am not a mechanical engineer, and don’t have enough experience in CAD to know the advantages and disadvantages of different formats.

I do have a 3D printer which takes STL as input, but anything that can be converted to STL with open tools is sufficient for printing parts.

FreeCAD can open: STEP, IGES, OBJ, STL, DXF, SVG, STL, DAE, IFC, OFF, NASTRAN, VRML. I don’t know which format maintains the most information or is the most “open”. STEP seems to be an ISO standard, perhaps that is good choice. But others will know better than I.

We already distribute the .STL files.

You can download the whole robot here:

or here if you want to get a specific file:

If you need more, we can also distribute STEP files for the next release.

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STEP files would be great !
Thank you Mathieu and the team. :slight_smile:

Ok we will add the STEP files ASAP.


STEP (AP214) files are available on the github release page and GrabCad.