Igus robocup platform

Here is igus - a new soccer robot platform. It is successor to nimbro-op which itself is a derivative of darwin-op. igus received design award at Robocup 2015. It is a bit taller than poppy (36 inches vs 34) but uses mx106 to actuate the legs rather than the mx64s that poppy uses. It can walk and kick the ball etc maybe because of the more powerful actuators but since they are the same mx series maybe the walking algorithms can be adapted to the mx64s and possibly make poppy walk.

And here is the paper that describes igus.

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Your robot is really cool! thank’s to share it with us!

I have a strange question for you @edil, how many motors in totality do you have on your lab? do you already burn some of them? and why you choose Robotis motors?

Hi Nicolas thank you for your comment.

Sorry for the misunderstanding but igus is not my robot and I do not have a lab :frowning:

I was just reporting on that new humanoid soccer bot - I get excited whenever I encounter any walking robot because I do want to see poppy walk like them someday.

When that happens then I will go ahead and invest money on poppy’s servos which are too pricey for me for a non walking robot. So right now I do not have any large robotis servos :frowning: . (I do have the darwin mini and bioloid premium).

I will be more careful next time with my words to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

No problem @edil, my question was probably a little bit too direct… But I need to undersand guys who like walking robot, so I have some other strange question for you.

You are a hobbyist right?
Why humanoid walking robot is so attracting for you? why not hexapode or dog like robots?
What is the limit price for a cool one?