2 months to build Poppy

Hello !
I’m building a Poppy for few weeks. I have 3 month at the most.
Like @Timothee, I’m studing in Arts et Métiers ParisTech National Graduate Engineering School. But I’m at Bordeaux Campus.
I will centralize all my questions on this topic, and publish some photos =)
Let’s go !


Nice :slight_smile:
The last one took me 8h so it should be possible to assemble one within 3 months ^^

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Planning to do the same! keep us updated and good luck :smile:

Hi !
I plan to compile all instructions for assembly in a document. I want to use texts, photos, videos, CAO files…
What kind of format should I use ?

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I will do a video tutorial so if you can do something complementary such as CAO it would be great :blush:

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How can I know which version of Poppy have I ?

Which format of files should I use (STL, STEP…) ?

You have the last release available on the beta repository. If you want to print parts you should use STL files. If you want to open it in a CAD software, which is not Solidworks, you should use STEP files.

Thanks :smile: So I will use this 2 formats to do a CAD tutorial.

Concerning the Poppy’s version, I want to say : if I compare references of components that I have, with BOM Spreadsheet and forms of 3D printed components that I have, with STL files, I only can know if my Poppy’s version is the latest.
How a person which have an old Poppy’s version can know is version’s number of Poppy ?
My goal is that people use instructions for assembly corresponding to their Poppy’s version.

I need your help again about this.
To your mind, which is the best format to compile several formats of instructions (eg : texts, photos, videos) ?
I’m open to all idea :wink:

Hi !
It makes long time…
Springs aren’t on the BOM Spreadsheet but we can see them on some pictures between leg and thigh.
Are they nice-to-have like knee bumper ?

They are not really needed, but can be used in some experiments where parts of the leg movements are passive.

Hello !
I don’t manage to assemble “lower_limb” and “hip”. Indeed according to CAD files, servomotor MX-64 (id : 23 and 13) is fixed to thigh thanks to MX-64 horn (HN05-N101) and HN05-I101. But I hav’nt any HN05-I101. Furthermore this component is not in the BOM Spreadsheet.
Should someone help myself?

You have to use this part:

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Thanks ! :smile:
Is that normal this component is not in Whole assembly in STEP format ?

Nop it should be included …

We didn’t understand us. I already have Connector HN07-N101_FR05-S101 in 3D printring.

I think there’s a component missing :

Ok I missed your question. You need a HN05-I101 Robotis part.

Ok, so i will buy two HN05-I101 Robotis part. It should be nice for other Poppy’s user to add this on BOM Spreadsheet

Hi !
I have 2 ROBOTIS FR05-S101 Set (metal) and 2 Connector HN07-N101_FR05-S101 (3D printing).
Are these components equivalent ?
How many of each should I use to build Poppy ?