Questions before building, cheaper servos


Just new to this forum and trying to see if i’d like to create poppy.
It looks a very nice project.
Any things I should notice before diving in?

I am going to 3d print all the parts myself (I got a FDM 3d printer)
Going to create the poppy torso first so I got a starting point. It looks like you can add the legs after the torso is ready and working.

Probably gonna use raspberry pi as mainboard.

I saw the servo’s are very expensive, and I saw some other servo’s and options.
Like openservo.
Any more information on cheaper servo motors?

Any other things I need to know or remember let me know!

Can it walk unassisted?

thanks in advance.

Hi @justinnp!

Some people 3D-printed Poppy on a FDM printer, but beware that some parts are difficult to print and will lead to a lot of supports thus a lot of post-process. We have no such list bu I think it would be interesting to publish a few advices for people 3D printing by themselves.

Changing the motors is not really feasible. That would lead to designing a new robot, because all parts are design to fit the exact geometry of motors, rely on the location of theirs nuts and axes… This community project Poppyrate though, has designed such robots inspired by Poppy Humanoid with cheaper motors.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is currently the only supported board for all Poppy creatures. The STL files are there.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to publish your progress and pictures!