Wiring arrangement Poppy Humanoid

Hi all,

First of all, I would like to explain my litte project… :slight_smile:

At our university we have a poppy humanoid (Odroid version) which was originally assembled in 2016.
After several years in which poppy wasn’t used really often some of the motors didn’t work properly anymore.

My task is now to replace the broken motors and re-assemble poppy. Also, I am supposed to switch to the Raspberry Pi version of poppy (print a new head suitable for RasPi) and install a screen.

Finally, I have finished with replacing all broken motors. Now I want to test poppy with the Raspberry Pi but got stuck at the chapter ‘Wiring arrangement’ in the instruction

There is written that the two SMPS2Dynamixel power supplies from upper + lower body shouldn’t be connected with each other. In the video instruction, the two SMPS2Dynamixel are connected by a 4P cable with 2 wires cutted off.

Can someone please help clarifying which is the right way to assemble?

Additionaly, can I just connect the two buses via USB2AX with my RasPi4 with preinstalled software v3 and get started or is there something special I have to consider when switching from Odroid to RasPi (especially as I’m using the RasPi4 not 3).

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.

Kind regards,

Hello Stulli,
It is possible to connect the ground and +12V wires of 2 SMPS2Dynamixel in order to power the hole Poppy with a single power unit pluged to one of the two SMPS2Dynamixel. That’s why on the video you see the operator cutting the wires corresponding to the data, leaving only the 2 wires that connect the +12 V and ground… but, do not connect the 2 SMPS2Dynamixel with a 3pt cable !
And yes, you can plug the 2 USB2AX to the RPi4 and use the new version of the software v3.