🥳 Poppy Humanoid, Torso & Ergo Jr all got a fresh update!

Following the announcement of the beta update for the Ergo Jr, we have just released the final versions.

:robot: All 3 robots Poppy Humanoid, Poppy Torso and Poppy Ergo Jr have been upgraded to v3.0.0! :asterisk:

Among the new features: a motion recorder, a Wifi hotspot, an integrated 3D simulator, a full Python 3 support, easier information messages, simpler API start-and-stop for Snap, a Poppy desktop on the HDMI monitor…

If you already own a Poppy robot, you can upgrade it in less than 1 hour by downloading the latest software image and flashing the SD card of your robot with the dedicated howto. Be careful: all Snap/Python programs saved in the robot will be lost.

:asterisk: Only Raspberry-Pi-based, Odroid is now unsupported.

Suite aux annonces des versions alpha et bêta des mises-à-jour de l’Ergo Jr, nous avons publié les versions finales !

:robot: Les 3 robots Poppy Humanoid, Poppy Torso et Poppy Ergo Jr sont tous disponibles en v3.0.0! :asterisk:

Parmi les nouvelles fonctionnalités : un enregistreur de mouvement, un point d’accès Wifi, un simulateur 3D intégré, un support total de Python 3, des messages d’informations plus simples, une marche/arrêt de l’API simple pour Snap, un bureau Poppy pour l’écran HDMI …

Si vous possédez déjà un robot Poppy, vous pouvez le mettre à jour en moins d’1 heure en téléchargeant la dernière image logicielle (Liens pour Ergo Jr, Torso, et Humanoid) et en flashant la carte SD de votre robot avec le tuto dédié. Attention : tous les programmes Snap/Python enregistrés sur le robot seront perdus.

:asterisk: Seulement ceux avec une Raspberry-Pi, l’Odroid n’est désormais plus supportée.



New features are really useful.

I’ve got one question: Despite what it was previously done in the beta release, U finally do not keep the change on the rest api about requesting the list of motors for an alias? aka the answer of the request /motor/<alias>/list.json that was updated from { alias: [‘m1’, ‘m2’, etc…] } to {<alias> :[‘m1’, ‘m2’, etc…] } in the published beta?

No update expected about this point, U decide to keep backward compatibility about it?


@Nikolaos Actually this API correction was planned to be kept, but it looks like branch merging dropped it. There is unfortunately no unit test on the API that could have warned us about it.

This is not a major correction in any case, so let’s say we chose retrocompatibility :slight_smile:

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I’ve got some changes with the previous version (not the beta this time).
May be I do not read well the change log but:

So, as I do not perform any automatic tests on my dev (I know, shame on me), Is there any other things to know about requesting the robot with the v3?

Thanks in advance.