Survey about Poppy and the community

We need your help! You are currently on the forum of the Poppy project, an important place to share ideas and experiences between community members. As such, we would love some feedback to help improve the way the community and the project is organized.

If you have 3 minutes before you, that is all you need to fill our amazing survey:

Looking forward learning from you!
The Poppy core team

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Many thanks to everyone who took time to share their opinion! We sent the survey to about 2000 persons and received 124 responses, which is very good for surveys of this sort.

We appreciated the open comment left by many. We contacted some of you already and will contact more in the future. Comments were always really constructive and insightful of the perception of robotics in general and Poppy in particular.

We now have close this survey and we report results and our conclusion below.


This first question confirms our perception that Poppy is still widely seen as a humanoid robot, whereas we are pushing to make it a robotic community.

We have been really happy to see a diversity of interest and background within the survey’s participants.

We noticed that the question of naming the community is a challenging one. No clear position emerges from the survey.

This question confirms the first one, in that Poppy is perceived as a robot in itself. This is totally fine as the value and identity of our robots emerged from various interactions with the public. Yet, we note that the name Poppy Humanoid is quite well accepted. This question reflects the results of the above one.

Finally, for the Ergo Jr, we noticed the inverse tendency, in that calling it Ergo Jr alone was better perceived than when preceded with the name Poppy. Yet both being still close in the poll.


Those results confirm our initial feeling about the perception of the project, but yet does not give a clear tendency.

After many more discussions, and thanks to the constructive open comments you have made, we think it is best to pursue with ‘Poppy’ as the name of the robotic community. In some cases ‘Poppy’ will still be used to denominate the historical Humanoid robot that initiated the project. This is all fine and the project identity will grow with time as more robots emerge from the project.

Finally, robots should now be called using a distinctive name, for example ‘Ergo Jr’ is the name of the small 6 degree-of-freedom robotic arm. Calling it ‘Poppy Ergo Jr’ is fine too, but the robot’s name is ‘Ergo Jr’ and ‘Poppy’ is the project it comes from. Same thing for the Humanoid, the Torso, and all the fantastic creatures you will build!


The naming concerns are mainly important for developers, and I’m happy to see that’s a preoccupation for you.

But I can’t see a real uniformity on the official code repository.

The confusion with Poppy humanoid is still here and need to be explained for beginners. For example, most of projects start with “poppy-projectname”. But it’s not the case for “pypot”, “puppet-master” and “eyes”, that seems to be projects from main team. I think this confusion is detrimental for generic tools like “poppy-docs”, “poppy-monitor”, “poppy-simu” and “poppy-presentations” that most people will refer to Humanoid.

Poppy humanoid can’t be only called “humanoid”, because there will be others humanoid creatures, then people will just continue to call it Poppy: it’s a cute name.

That’s why today I disagree to call all projects poppy-something, because it creates automatically interrogations about relationships with Poppy humanoid.

Ergo Jr has nothing to deal with Poppy humanoid. If the whole project refers to the “Poppy” name, Poppy humanoid should be renammed poppy-mynewname. If “Poppy” refers to the robot, you should try a brainstorm with the community to find a new “including” name for all projects. That’s the point in this survey: 53,2% “would prefer finding a new, more explicit, name for the project, keeping Poppy for naming the humanoid robot only”, and 51,6% “prefer Poppy for the naming of the humanoid robot”.

Please, give an end to this survey by clarifying the situation! A tendance has emerged., the survey hasn’t been created to conclude that all is OK and nothing has to be done =)

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This survey has been done to choose the best communication way. For us, the best solution (and the easiest) is to keep everything like that and change the next generation name. The time will do the job softly.
Indeed Poppy don’t have an universal definition but we think that will converge with our futur contributions…

What do you mean by “next generation”?

All our future robots and technologies.