[CFC] Looking for a fun name for the new poppy simulator

We’ll release soon a simulator (technically it’s more a viewer as there is no physics) we made for poppy-ergo-jr which is able to work on a web browser.
We are looking for an explicit or fun (related to flowers?) name and we need your help to find it.

After some intense debates, we decided to make a poll of our ideas. If you want to propose a name please write a reply to this post and I’ll add it on the poll.

  • poppy-simu
  • poppy-sim
  • poppy-viewer
  • threejs

0 voters

  • poppulator
  • smoppy

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I’ll close the poll in one week.

EDIT: as we cannot edit a poll, I’ll just create other polls in the same post for allowing new ideas. Sorry for people who posted on the first topic.

hmm… “poppy-garden” ?

I did a quick brainstorming :

I thought about what Pierre said “We could keep the flower theme. Maybe with the idea of watching plant grow? A greenhouse? A botanic garden?” :

  • Poppy Sunshine
  • Poppy simushine
  • Popshine (I like it)
  • sunflower
  • Popseeds
  • Poppeasy (“easy to use”)

Then I thought about the idea of clairvoyance “seeing poppy in a crystal ball” :

  • PoppyBall (I like it)
  • Popchic (for “psychic” (voyance))

I think I like “Poppy Simu”. It’s not fun but simple and it works in French and in English

It makes me think about “playground” then about “sandbox” (a place where we can play, doing stuff without bad consequences - everything come back as normal)

So maybe something like Poppyplay, Poppyground (it’s not really nice but I like the idea)

Smoppy FTW! :smiley:

Also who contributed (and voted!) for “threejs”?