Presenting the Cherry project

Hello everyone,
I’m using my first post on this forum to introduce the project I am working on with Poppy, the Cherry project.

I am part of a team of four students from the engineering school ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Bordeaux. We study robotics on our last year of school.

We are competing in a contest called “Défi H”, organized by Sogeti, that aims to encourage innovations to help disabled people have access to the world of work. Our project will be focusing rather on helping children with long medical problems stay in touch with school and friends through an interactive and fun interface : a robot.

We are going to use Poppy to develop a robot capable of interracting with the children and helping them in their school work.

If you’re interested in knowing more, you can visit our facebook page :
Our twitter :
Our blog :
And our GitHub :

We look forward to having a great time using Poppy :slight_smile:


Welcome Cherry Project !

This is a very interesting project, please share your ideas, photos and videos here on the forum,
et vous pouvez aussi le faire en français n’hésitez pas !

Hi Cherry Project,

Great idea !

We follow your project with a lot of interest.

A quick update on our project:

We’ve decided we will be using a torso instead of the entire Poppy humanoid. This is because, in the context of hospital use, the robots have no need for locomotion, and in fact standing up would only make them more fragile (especially since we will be dealing with kids!).
We are in the process of building up that torso, thanks to parts Matthieu gave us, and we will order the electronic parts soon.
In the end, however, we’ll probably be adding the legs back, but keeping them static and sitting the robot down, so Poppy doesn’t look like he’s been amputated from the point of view of children.

I’m also editing my original post to include links to our GitHub, and to all our social media :smile: Feel free to like and share, in the context of Défi H the number of likes will be important to us.

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New update!

Our Poppy torso is done and operational (except one motor that seems to have broken in the night :disappointed_relieved: )
Of course our first priority was a silly video

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Aaand the votes are open! Yey!

Here’s where you can vote for us, so we can win this Défi H!

There’s also our final video, where you can see Cherry / Poppy Torso in action:


We are back from Paris and we got a prize for our project!

We won the Public’s Prize, for being the project with the best community and the most voters. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and spread the word!

Of course the Cherry Project doesn’t end there. We will be at the Robot Maker’s Day in ENSEIRB-MATMECA on june 13th, so you can come and meet us there!


Congratulations Cherry Project!