[solved] Issue to connect to my Real Ergo Junior with a MAC :-(

DEar all,

I have a real Ergo Junior and I connected to my mac via ethernet.
I can’t connect to the server of the robot.

I tried many http adress and name on my firefox browser… but can’t reach the robot interface.

I tried via ssh , no success. . can’t connect …

I guess it’s an issue of my network setup on my macintosh… grrrr :slight_smile:

I looket at: Faire fonctionner un ergo-robot sous mac ou linux
but it doesnot apply to my issue.

Can you help me ?
Cheers !!!

I found the issue, here is what every MAC should setup :wink:

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Now I have an issue with my SNAP!

I have faced the same issue. My setting is the same as you told but my application getting crashed. I tried to reopen it but the application getting crashed again and again. I don’t understand the actual reason but I think the last setting has changed so this issue occurrences due to this. and when I try to undo the setting and access the application support, the application doesn’t open and apple application support was not found. Does anyone know how can I resolve this?