Responsive www control and dashboard for Poppy (Ergo jr)

Hi all,

I am developping a responsive (i.e. adapted either to mobile and tablet or to computer screens) web front-end control/dashboard for my Poppy Ergo Jr.

Nowadays, the initial seed (that is fully functionnal) allows:

  • simply controling the motor positions of a poppy from a mobile or tablet (and of course a browser from a computer :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Display a simple dashboard about some register values ‘of interest’.

Note as it discovers the configuration of the target robot, it will be applicable more widely(sic); but it may be not really nice/friendly usable with too many motors :woozy_face:.

This project is available on github at the following URL (a quick install and build guide is provided):

Aim is to test the use of vue.js to develop quick front-end and I have to say that the poppy’s ecosystem is a really nice and fun sandbox for such projects. :hearts::hearts:,