Support of ROS available for Poppy Ergo Jr

We’re happy to announce that Poppy robots started supporting ROS (Robot Operating System) with experimental ROS packages for Poppy Ergo Jr.

Support will be built progressively for all robots, dealing with both ROS 1 and ROS 2. Any feedback, wish or contribution is appreciated. Here’s the support status:

:small_orange_diamond:ROS 1 : support for Melodic and Noetic

:no_entry_sign: ROS 2 is yet unsupported

Getting started

Get around with ROS concepts

Newcomers with ROS are advised to install and follow a few tutorials about ROS before going further. Going up to tutorial 7 will give you the keys to use ROS comfortably.

Use Poppy with ROS

You can then clone the packages Poppy Ergo Jr Moveit config in your ROS workspace, compile and source your workspace. Fake execution parameter will allow you to get started in simulation, if you need to take control over a real robot, use the dedicated image for your SD card.

Detailed instructions will come in the documentation.

Closer look at the ROS packages

Except the controllers which are common to all Poppy robots, each robot relies on at least 2 other packages (replace * with the robot name to get the name if its package):

  • poppy_*_description: ROS package description the kinematic chain of the robot (in URDF format). When variants exists for a robot, Xacro is able to generate the description corresponding to all variants
  • poppy_*_moveit_config: ROS package ensuring the support of Poppy in MoveIt. MoveIt is the ROS component dedicated to robotic manipulators such as robotic arms
  • poppy_controllers: ROS package telling ROS how to communicate with the robot (relies on pypot). Only the JointTrajectory action server is supported.

ROS roadmap

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