Poppy robot with arduino and adafruit 16-channel motorcontroller

hello every one
I modify poppy robot design to use FR0115M RC servo motor and use Arduino UNO with Adafruit-16-channel-PWM-Servo-Shield
this photos are my new poppy


Your project is very interesting and your Poppy is very funny, I like its smile and socks very much !
I don’t understand what are the plastic pipes behind its back, can you explain ?

I also would like to make a robot with Arduino Uno, but I’m a beginner in this field. My project is only at the beginning and I would be happy to learn from people like you.

What price did it cost you, please ?

For my project, I intended to use only 5 servos (for the head, the shoulder and the top of the legs), but it seems to be cheaper to buy 10 FR0115M RC servo motors for 100 $ than one by one !

I also want a smaller and simpler robot (lower cost and also easier to realise and to keep in my small apartment) but I don’t know exactly what servomotors would be best.
In this case, I don’t know if I need the same shield as you, but I must admit it’s not very expansive.

Hello Animatrice_Epn
the plastic pipes behind it’s back are supported for weak parts of poppy
if you see the thigh part it find weak plastic in top part
i use Arduino UNO and adafruit 16-channel PWM/servo motor because it low cost and this Shield is high efficiency
the link product is : https://www.adafruit.com/products/1411
i use FR0115M RC servo motors its low cost but not accurate
the link product is : http://www.feetechrc.com/product/digital-servo/metal-gear-digital-servo-for-arduino-diy-robot-fr0115m/
1 motor = 10$
i use 23 servo motor in this project but this robot not balance
the best servo motor you can use it is Turnigy TGY-S518D
the link product is : http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__41219__Turnigy_TGY_S518D_300_Digital_Metal_Gear_Intelligent_Robot_Servo_16_5kg_0_19S.html
this is good motor and cheaper

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Hello colleagues! I’m
also building a humanoid from Poppy, we’ve modified the fittings to fix
the MG 995R servo, and have redesigned Poppy’s entire body by creating
the Humanoid Recife HR 3.0 in a pedagogical work of public schools students 6th - 9th year of teaching.
We’re trying to get a servo motor controller board, like the one you used to
build the programming, however, we’re having trouble getting the rest of
the filament to print the last parts and mount it.

How is your building today ?


Hey, could you upload how you have modified the pieces to the servos you used, and the arduino code?


I’m very happy to find somebody who modify the poppy for using standard servo RC.
Can you send me your modification ( code Arduino and STL part) ?
Thank you so much

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hlo sir can i get the project code please i have the hardware but a little confusion making code. I would be grateful to if u kindly post the code.Thank u sir

I want the stl files of your design and code… Please send me sir…
Email: shabeermsk@gmail.com

Sir please send me the 3d files and code …
Email;: shabeermsk@gmail.com