Open-source speech recognition softwares

Thanks for this informations and yours great works on Cherry :blush:

I have added CMU Sphinx that you have used, to the original post of this feed.

In the video, do you know if it was CMU Sphinx or the google API for the speech recognition ?

I support at 200% your efforts that you have described in the cherry wiki to switch to an open source solution for both TTS & SR instead of using Google solutions or other non open source solutions, for these reasons :

Google is very malicious to not release his TTS & SR solution under open source licence, using it in the cloud will be terrible when the robots will be more democratized, and if a lot of all them use the Google TTS & SR solutions, Google will be able to scan and monetize the most of the conservations made beetwen robots and humans (and NSA and co will also enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) ;
All the robots made with on line Google TTS & SR solution will not work in the countries that protect their web economy and technological independance as China for example where the most of Google solutions are blocked ;
All the robots using on line Google TTS & SR will be under the USA government laws, and they will have the power to block all the countries that are under embargo, as they made it for Siria or Cuba for some american platform of moocs, sourceforge or googlecode.
For open source using french TTS & SR, it seems that we have a important problem, with the lack of high quality open source solutions (well it seems that it’s the case, i hope I’m wrong and there is high quality open source solution that we haven’t yet discovered), it’s really (and will be worst in the future with the democratisation of the robots) an handicap for the popular, collaborative or/and open source innovation, and the french speaking users. The french speakers will be handicapped with the lack of speaking or understanding robots, or they will be more expensive, or they will be less functionnal, or they will be under dependence of Google or other kind of GAFAM, in comparison with the other languages people that have high quality open source TTS & SR. The Cherry project seems to be an excellent example of the problem.

Do you also think that problem will have important repercussions for the innovation and dependence of the french speaking countries ? Or it’s not so important ?

If yes, what can we do to avoid this problem ?
Contact and explain the stakes to the leaders of the projects that have used public funding or public research to invite them to make open source their french TTS & SR solutions, and find with them solutions in order that the release under open source licence can be interesting for them ? (Mbrola, Voxygen ?)
Try to make a crowdfunding / mutualisation between the public projects & public research & and open source projects that can have benefit about TTS & SR to improve the existing open source solution as Mary TTS ?
Contact some organism of the francophony ?
Other ideas ?