Looking for a used Pixl Circuit Board


I’m currently builing the Poppy Ergo Jr. and I’m looking for an optional (cheaper) version of the Pixl Board than the ones you can order online. Does anybody have a used Pixl Circuit Board laying around which I could buy, then I’d be very happy.

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Hello Joel,

The main roles of this board is to:

  • convert the 3.3V logic coming from the Raspi to a 5V logic required for the motors. Search for “3.3v to 5v level shifter” in Alibaba and you will get an equivalent circuit. You can also make your own using a bunch of transistors and resistors. You can also use a separate FTDI device, such as the U2D2 or any 5v FTDI from Alibaba, but that would require to change the /dev/ttyAMA0 connection port in the software (you can expect something like /dev/ttyUSB0
  • provide power to the motor bus: you can use a lab PSU or any wall adapter that provides a stabilized 6 to 8.4v power, as specified in the docs.

Also the original Pixl board for the Ergo Jr is openhardware so if you (or a friend of you) have some proficiency in electronics you can have a look at the schematics to build the same board by yourselves. See GitHub - poppy-project/pixl: Raspberry Pi - XL-320 Board

Hi Yoan!

Thanks for your reply, I’ll look into the Alibaba option. Ive already considered building the circuit myself but with components and PCB it’s more or less the same price as the finished Pixl board available online.

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What do U mean by used Pixl card?
I have got an out-of-order one and as I have no competency to repair it… I could give U it for free (awaiting for garbage…)

Let contact me by mp if interested and check if U could easily retrieved it.