Humanoid Robot Project


I wanted to share my bipedal robot project with you guys!
The goal is to achieve making a self balancing, flexible humanoid robot that is able to walk around, adapt to irregular terrains and do small tasks for me :slight_smile:

The first prototype was made last year using 12 servos, an Arduino and an accelerometer. I implemented an ultra light 3D engine to control the two legs using an IK system, based on the output of the accelerometer:

The next step is now to implement a new robot, with potentiometers at each joint, and some sort of linear actuator combined with a spring to allow flexible movements. The potentiometers will allow me to measure the “tension” of the system, making it possible for the robot to “feel” it is being pushed etc…
I also bought a Rasberry pi instead of the arduino, this will allow me to implement a more complex engine for the controller.

In the future, I plan to connect the robot with a neural network trained by renforcement learning, this should be fun!