Quadruped made for less than £300

Hi all

Just wanted to show off my recent quadruped project driven by 15$ Chinese servos from ebay, Arduino and SSC32.
My own code and design.

However I am unsure where to go from here. Would love to get into some bigger stuff, but i cannot justify the expense of the actuators. Even the Dynamixel stuff to me looks heavy and slow. In my mind speed is of the essence to get into dynamic gaits. I have also played with an IMU, but had no luck getting it to do anything useful in terms of adding stability to my quad. The bot was designed to have springy hips, but the spring in the hips just made it fall over, so i locked them out.

Thinking i need to think about a different way of actuating.


Your project looks awesome! You should move your topic in the Community-projects thread :slight_smile: Do you know some other makers building “dog” robots?