Digital twin of Poppy Ergo Jr robot

Hello !

Today I’d like to share this video of a digital twin project around the Poppy Ergo Jr. robot.

:point_right: Meet Digital Twin of Poppy Ergo Junior - YouTube

This project demonstrate the usage of the HARFANG 3D API in Python with the Poppy Ergo Junior robot.

Here’s the repo: GitHub - harfang3d/python-digital-twin: 3D Digital Twin of a Poppy Ergo Junior robot, in Python

Feel free to give feedbacks or ask anything !

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Hey @NoviewsOne this is awesome :slight_smile: Can we publish it on Twitter by quoting @harfang3dengine?

Have you implemented a communication that would go the other way: Harfang → robot?

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Hey @Yoan , thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Of course you can publish it by quoting Harfang !

To answer to your question, yes we have implemented to the other way :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate? What can you do from your virtual Ergo Jr that can impact the tangible robot?


This is an early video showing the Python → Robot communication.

We recently upgraded this interface so that it looks way better.
Let me know if you want the source code, we’ll share it on our Github asap.