Creature Poppy Quadruped

Here a concept of poppy. I created a quadruped and I put the body of Poppy without his legs. Why? Because with an quadruped it is easier to walk than a biped and with an hexapod it is simply to overcome the obstacles (rock, stair, grass…). It is possible to put the battery in body’s quadruped. There are 3 dof by leg with AX18


For the moment it is just a concept, I will try to improve the quadruped during the next weeks.



Will it be able to lift its own weight? AX-18 might not be enough.

Very great surprise ! Good idea to have a batterie spot.

BTW I guess several people would be interested in having only a hexapod. So maybe an idea would be to create only the Poppy Hexapod as a creature itself (without the upper body of a Poppy Humanoid) and then create a mix between a Poppy Torso and and Poppy hexapod.
In this way, it creates 2 creatures at the same time :wink:

If you want to embed a computer, you can use the new Raspberry Pi 2 which is powerful enough for running pypot.

@jgrizou Normally it is good with AX18, it is possible to put 3kg on the hexapod.

@Matthieu It is my idea to create 2 creatures. I create a new part (big part in the picture) to joint the quadruped and the Poppy humanoid. Maybe it is possible to put the part of Poppy torso in the hexapod, in that way we will reduced the number of parts
The Raspberry Pi 2 is good idea, I will integrate in the quadruped

It looks really cool!

I’ve a very dumb questions though. Is it me or there is only 4 legs???

So creepy :smile:
Remind me of this:


@Pierre you are right it is a quadruped not an hexapod. I created a quadruped because it a less motor than hexapod so it is cheapest

I correct my first topic

I created a new version of the quadruped. I recreated all of the parts for add configurations. Now, the quadruped has AX12/AX18 configurations (it is easy because the motors have the same design), I add the MX28 configuration. So it is easy to choice the quadruped that you want :wink:

AX18 :

MX28 :

I also created an hexapod with configuration AX12/AX18/MX28.

AX18 :

MX28 :

I added the raspberry-pi 2. I still have to add battery, maybe camera (pan-tilt or not) and the toso for putting Poppy on the quadruped/hexapod.

So with the assembly, you have quadruped with AX12/AX18/MX28 configurations and hexapod with AX12/AX18/MX28 configurations.

For now, it is impossible for me to test the mechanics because the motors are too expensive but I will continue to improve the all of the parts(reduce weight,ameliorate the design…).

If you have ideas to improve the creature, I take it and the contributions are appreciated. I didn’t put the part online for the moment, I try to put the first version this week. :smile:


Will you try with XL-320 motors as well?

I think I will add XL-320 configuration, but my first idea was put Poppy on the quadruped/hexapod. With XL-320 motor is impossible to make this :smile:

The source is now online:

Hi @Alexandre Great work! Maybe it could be useful to find a name for this Quadruped creature, which might allow to speak of it and distinguish it from other Poppy Quadrupeds that future members of the community will want to create after being inspired by yours :slight_smile: ?

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I forked you repository and began to work on. The design is very good, I like it.

I will contribute to your project and create pull requests to help you improve it even more.

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I would like to use part of your work and change the size of the segment of the quadruped. To do something like that :

I don’t have solidworks. Is it possible to use part of your work with an other CAO software (a free software) from here :

I do not know any CAD software which allows to modify its part in another CAD software …

You can import parasolid or step files and build upon new features but it will not be possible to just change a dimension, here the leg length…

You can redo it with OnShape or download a “free” Solidworks (there are free licenses for students and fablab)

Which software do you want to use?
It is possible that i modify for you the length of the parts if you want.

But as said @Matthieu it is impossible to change the length of the parts if you don’t have Solidworks

It could be really great if you can do this job, because I don’t know solidworks nor Onshape and sure I will waste time to use correctly this software !

What I need is to have an URDF model and the STL parts (you can export both with solidworks ?) to build the poppy quadruped in V-REP. After I would like to test the moving possibilities of the quadruped in the simulator because as you said it is easier to walk, run and even jump with four legs :wink:

I can fork your repository to place the futur model.ttt

No problem juste tell me what you want :slight_smile:

The STL files is already in my repository : Here
It is possible to create a URDF model, but which model would you want? Because I have quadruped AX12/AX18 and MX28 and hexapod AX12/AX18 MX28

I would like to have 4 legs with two segments of 20 cm each and base on MX28.

After, I need the URDF of the Poppy “Centaure” (poppy torso link to the high quadruped) and the shape in STL.

Have a nice day.

Just saw this post and it is indeed very interesting!
The lab I’m at has been developing a Hexapod for years and it’s working well so far.

(video from a previous prototype, there are many types (even a 3D printed one!)
I am not working on this project but if you want to use anything (CAD files, software …etc) let me know :smile:
Looking forward to this Poppy!