New creature in progress: Poppy Torso

I’m working on a new “Poppy creature”, the main idea is to offer all the “interaction” ability of a Poppy Humanoid without dealing with balance and locomotion, and cutting down the overall price. So basically it is a fork of Poppy Humanoid without legs…

Here the first CAD model I made for illustrative purpose:

All the upper body part remain exactly the same as Poppy Humanoid, only a new part appears to support the robot and fix it on a table.
As a first trial, I decided to explore the use of a suction pad with lever arm to fix the robot. The suction pad can be fixed to the support part using 2 screws. Here a section view of the CAD model:

The result in the real life (3D printed on a Replicator 2):

It seems to work pretty well so I guess we can now go further and we will soon create the associated repository (with hadware, software and so on) so anyone can freely begin to develop with a Poppy Torso :wink:


Hi Matthieu,

Great idea and concrete results. The Cherry Project will definitely go for Poppy torso !

Here few pictures of a wild Poppy Torso (#1):

Here you can find the official repository:

Feel free to fork and contribute :wink: