Connection to Poppy Humanoid via PC

Hi there,

I’ve tried several times to connect my desktop PC (Windows) to poppy humanoid but I am failing every time.

I’ve flashed the latest version (v3) of the poppy software on a SD card. On my desktop PC I’ve installed the Bonjour Print Services.

1st try: Connected my iPhone with the poppy router and opened http://poppy.local. I was able to see the UI and wanted to connect poppy to WLAN. In order to do that, I’ve activated “Wifi” in the network settings and provided home router name and password. After a reboot of the RasPi, I’ve connected my iPhone with my home router but http://poppy.local won’t open anymore. Same on the desktop PC. In my home router settings I could see that there was no new WLAN connection.

2nd try: Flashed SD card again to reset everything. Connected both PC and RasPi via LAN with my DHCP capable home router. http://poppy.local does not open either. In my home router settings I could see that there wasn’t even an active connection on the LAN port I’ve used.

3rd try: Connected my PC directly to the RasPi. Couldn’t see anything in my network settings so I could do nothing else. I am not really familiar with network settings, so this was just a last, desperate try before writing this.

I’ve used a ‘basic’ LAN cable I’ve found for 2nd/3rd try. Is it possible that I have to use an other, more special cable?

Or can you tell me where I’ve made mistakes and how I can connect properly with poppy?

Thank you very much for your effort in advance!

Kind regards,

Hello @Stulli, have you setup Bonjour?

It is possible that your iPhone resolves mDNS hostnames by itself, maybe explaining why you got it working the first time and why then with your other configurations, no device/software would resolve mDNS.