Building Poppy at The 3D Printer Experience in Chicago (Step 1: Printing)

STEP 1: We have just laser sintered the Poppy files and are trying to confirm that the size is accurate before we purchase the rest of the components. We are thrilled to be contributing to the Poppy Project community. We will be positing all of our updates as we continue to evolve Poppy here at The 3D Printer Experience in Chicago.

Please confirm this is the actual size based on the ruler next to the print. Also, please fix being able to only post one picture as we would like to have posted two. So you can actually see what the ruler says on it up close. :smile:

Thank you!

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Is it your printer ? The result is really impressive.

The relative size of the parts looks good yet it is difficult to say if the absolute size is ok. Can you add a picture with just a leg and the ruler please ?

Yes that was my second photo. The forum does not allow new users to upload more then one photo per post.

Here it is:

Matthieu, my results are always impressive. We are the 3D Printer Experience. :wink:
Thank you for noticing.
And yes, the printer is ours and on site.

Ok so it appears your parts are smaller than the normal ones:

If you have not Solidworks, you can easily check any measure you want with the GrabCAD repository:

For example:

Hello Matthieu,

Here is a photo of the leg section (lower) With easier to read measurements.

We do not have a seat for Solid works yet (in process but not yet) So I used eDrawings to open the file and convert to stl… Does it change the scale of the parts when using this workflow compared to opening the files in Solidworks? I made no adjustments, just opened the parts and then exported to STL.



I don’t know how the process generates STL files, but it seems it does not handle it well.

We distribute official STL release to avoid this kind of problem. You have all information here:


OK so for those downloaded parts the leg section is coming in at 189.64mm. in length as the previous image was measured. Is this sounding better? Just want to make sure before we print again.


Yes it sounds correct.

Thank you!! We appreciate the direction!

Hi @Julie3dpx and @Todd3DPX !
Any news of your experiments with the Poppy humanoid?

I have been off site for the past 3 weeks and now back in the drivers seat of building Poppy. We need to locate some Robotics experts in the chicago area to assist us in building Poppy. We have all the pieces printed at this time. We have contacted local universities, but have not been successful there.

Please give us some contact names of who we can call in our area to help us construct the robot.

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Software comes with Poppy correct? We have found someone to help us build the robot.

Yep you will have all what you need to start the robot.

Just take care to respect the convention when you build the robot:

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