Poppy with FDM 3D printer


I just wanted to share that I built a Poppy (without the head for the moment), with a dual head 3D printer (home built), mostly with PLA and HIPS for support. It seems to be strong enough. It takes a lot of printing time but it can be done.


Wooo it’s really impressive. I would not bet it can be possible with such high quality. It is pretty close to the result obtained with SLS technic.

Did you try to estimate the cost ?

Let me first thank you and congratulate you for the quality of your work and of the material you put online for Poppy; it is just incredible what you achieved.

Regarding the cost, not counting the electricity, nor the printer, nor the time spent; I used one spool of PLA and one spool of HIPS filament (1Kg/spool) mainly because of many trials/errors. PLA is 20/25 euro per spool and HIPS about 40. So I guess for 60 euros of raw material and some time and patience. I’ll share later an estimate of the length of filament used for an actual print and the total print time per part. I just need to compile the data I have.

And which printer do you use ?

It is based on a Hadron ORD mainly for the aluminium chassis (http://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/products-page/3d-printer/3d-printer-mechanical-platform-no-controller).

Then it is stored between two $15 Ikea tables, with 3D printing dual head mechanism. Resolution on Z is 0.1 mm so nothing really fancy compared with what can be done these days.


really nice printer!
Dual printing is really tricky, and I like your dual table!
In the poppy team we have many low cost printers but we never success to print a full Poppy humanoid with it!

Thanks, the idea of the IKEA tables comes from an instructable.

I am building some kind of tutorial to explain how to print it properly with that kind of printer. I’ll post the link when it starts to be usable.


Hi! I try to print Poppy but I have some issues. The hips are too weak, and the support material is pretty difficult to remove. I use a FDM 3D printer, so, can you give me some advice to improve the results? :confused: