Big changes in categories

Hello everyone,

Lately there have been many discussions about categories between @staff members.
Some of us thought there were too many categories for too little use, some thought everything related to technology was kind of confusing…

Despite everyone had its own point of view, we all agreed that categories had to be more simple, with - hopefully - some benefits:

  • Encourage people to browse categories they would never go to.
  • Make post creation more accessible to everyone.

New categories

We settled on this tree to organize future categories:

├── Announcements
├── General discussion
├── Education
├── Art
├── Science
├── Events
├── Technology
└── Support


When @staff has something - vaguely - important to say or ask the community, this is where it happens.

General discussion

Robotic contests? UEFA Euro 2016? Thoughts on the new logo? If you’re in the mood for talking about any topic that may not directly concern the Poppy project, this is the good place to go.

Education, Art, Science, Science

These work the same as before.


If you organize an event, let other know! Plus, you’ll get a free beer coffee from a Poppy project member if we are around.


This is the big deal.
Everything in that category will concern technical matters, from actuators to Poppy Humanoid.

What happened to the old categories?

Don’t worry, nothing got deleted, we are just moving things around.
For instance, a topic in the former Development > electronics will be found in Technology, with the proper tags applied to it.

Tagging allows for filtering topics more accurately, and this is less a hindrance than categories in categories in categories in… I think you get the idea.

Oh wait, those categories suck.

You are very welcome to say so, I mean it :slight_smile:
We are always eager to have some feedback, even the negative one!

Happy browsing!


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