What are the forum categories needed for this project?

Use this topic to share your opinion on the needs to add or remove some categories in this forum.

I added a new main category: community with 2 sub-categories

  • Documentation: to discuss about the needs of documentation supports

  • Worklfow: to discuss about the tools and the way to contribute on the poppy project

It would probably be useful to have a category for discussion about the scientific topic related to the Poppy project.
Another useful category would be around educational activities using Poppy.

Thus: Science and Education


Yes it is.
I just added the science category.

But I have no strong idea about the “Education”, is it a main category or a sub-category of community ?

I guess it would be usefull to separate discussions on the plateform from discussions related to people seeking help or helping each other. For the moment the main categories are topic related and do not make any disctinction. I see three possible solutions to that:

  • Add a newby corner category at the top level.
  • Add “I have an issue” subcategories to some of the categories.
  • Use some kind of tagging system for that. Is there one is discourse?

Discussion about adding tag on the discourse forum:

In my opinion your forum categories are good that way.

A need I think which would be interesting to answer through a Community sub-categorie, or a Categorie itself later, is the group buying.

I think about labs interested in building their Poppy from scratch, or those which would be interested in upgrading their own, or reselling.

That could help everybody lowering costs.

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What do you think about creating an “Art” subcategory in “Community” ?

Yep, I was thinking the same, maybe also “education” ?

+1 for the art category.
(and +1 for tags instead of categories if it is possible)

I also suggest a category events and replace language categories by tags

Yes, I am also for adding a category education.
What is not clear to me is how to make tags easily searchable and findable for newcomers.
Categories are good especially thanks to the “Category” button on the front page.

@Matthieu We should have a way to allow local projects to organise multiple topics around the same project (e.g. Poppy Barcelona, Poppy Inmediats). Tags seem a good approach, but I am not sure. Ideas?

Except if it is needed to have private discussions, the best way is to create tag as it is done on twitter e.g. #robotINM #poppybarcelona and so on.