3D Poppy Model in Unity


I am working on the serious game developed with Unity and was told to add a 3d representation of Poppy.

I found this page: https://github.com/poppy-project/poppy-humanoid/releases. Tried to download every single file but none of the formats were compatible with Unity.

A friend tried to open the parts with V-Rep (I think) and convert the files to 3DS, a format that is accepted by Unity. Something must have went wrong with the conversion as I wasn’t able to see the files after importing them.

Any ideas?


Great! It would be really nice if you could present your project. I’m sure many people (me included) would be really interested!

What kind of 3D formats can you use?

The files are currently available as solid works format, STEP and STL. I’m guessing STL should work no?

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J’ai le même problème de conversion de Poppy Humanoid vers Unity. AVez-vous réussi ? Puis-je récupérer les fichiers pour Unity quelque part ?

It may be possible to import an URDF file in Unity from the model of the Ergo Jr or Torso.

Thanks, I found one too for Poppy Humanoid: poppy-humanoid/hardware/URDF/robots at master · poppy-project/poppy-humanoid · GitHub
Is it the correct one ?
I’m trying to download it in Unity.

I think issues were known with the humanoid URDF, but it should work.

Thanks a lot.
I could import Poppy Humanoid into Unity with last version of URDF Importer (development very active) without problems.
Now I have to animate it, it’s another story. My boss told me to make Poppy dancing Macarena :wink:
I was surprised that the hands and fingers are not separated from the arms. I want to grab some objects with the hands.


I’m glad you could import the humanoid into Unity! It would be very interesting to share your experience when you feel ready, with a few screen captures or video on the forum and/or Twitter @poppy_project.

To grab objects you would need to fake the grasping within the simulator. There are also a few existing gripper models made by the community.

Hi @lpierron It is already been a year. You were working on a pretty exciting project. I would appreciate it if you could share your experience with us.