Yet another PoppyErgoJr playing Tic-Tac-Toe, fully Snap4Arduino controlled

Please welcome a new challenger in the world famous PoppyEducation’s Tic-Tac-Toe contest !

While @christophe tried (and succeed ) to handle the game positions by video analysis, I decided to use 9 photoresistors and Snap4Arduino.

Overview :

Because an Arduino board only has 6 analogic inputs, I had to consider my 9 photoresistors as digital devices (True/False). So it was quite difficult to adjust the detection level, but a resistor voltage divider bridge did the job.

Photoresistors :

Behind the scene :

A part of the Snap4Arduino code :

I didn’t mess with the min-max algorithm (maybe I will in a few weeks), I only made the Ergo check the win/loose next position. As you will see, it’s enough to win against my little daughter :wink:

To conclude, let’s watch the game !

final code
morpion_v11_good.xml (962.4 KB)


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