Snap4Arduino strikes back!

as said here, since Snap! v4.1, we can’t use our pypot-snap-blocks anymore to control our Poppy robots. Some kind of https stuff.
It’s a pity because we can’t enjoy the last features of Snap!, we can’t connect to the cloud to save our projects…
But Snap4Arduino can save us ! And, cherry on the cake, it allows us to control Arduino boards to extend the universe of our robot.
First, go to and install the specific extension for Chrome/Chromium (I guess this extension resolves the problem of https or not)
Then you can launch, import pypot-snap-blocks.xml, and start playing with your robot.
Of course, you can plug an Arduino board to your computer and start interfacing your two toys :wink:

I love this solution that much that I decided to make my robot automatically start Snap4Arduino instead of his good old Snap! 4.0.2 :
you just have to modify this way the file (in poppy_src/puppet-master/)

With a little change of the logo file, my robot homepage now looks like this !


Thanks for the clue, it can develop more acivities with ergo !!
It could be cool to have a new poppy-ergo SD card image with new the last raspbian and last version of snap.

Merci pour l’info,